Sunday, April 1, 2012

Drama and Design Team Whores

I know what you are thinking, what the hell kind of title is that.  I don't normally fall into the drama trap and pretty much stay out of it looking for the good in everything and understanding both perspectives.  However, recently there was a post on the Two Peas Forum that I just had to respond to.  It didn't insult me personally nor was I offended that she used the word whore.  What I was offended by was the fact that she thought that the men and women that try to get on design teams just to get free products were design team whores.  I mean really, if I thought I was any good, or on rare occasion get something accomplished, I would try out for design teams too. I guess it's because I'm part of the You Tube world as well as the blogging world and lots of people design for lots of design teams.  I watch these videos and read these blogs because I want to be inspired and enabled.  Isn't that the whole point of a design team.  Many readers of the Two Peas forums keep posting about how there are so many other crafters out there that aren't known because there is a world outside of  Two Peas.  Uh yeah, no duh.  There is also a whole world of crafters that exist outside of the scrapbooking world that use tons of scrapbooking supplies.  I like to do a little bit of everything.  One poster mentioned that the reason for the scrapbooking industry was to document your own personal memories.  Uhm, no, the scrapbooking industry is for creating a product and sell it.  That is the whole point of any industry.

If you are so against people trying out for design teams and selling out just to get free product by staging pictures and piling on product why don't you just sit there with your little blank book and a glue stick.  I will link the thread for those interested in reading it.  There are those that share their daily lives with us and some I care about.  Those are people that most likely care about mine.  Most "big name" scrapbookers or card makers or artists I don't really care what's in your pictures, I don't really care what is going on with your spouse or your kids.  This is a business and I care what you are offering, how to use products  and what you produce.  If you make boring pages of pictures and some journaling good for you but the reality is that no one gives a flying....pig? what or who is in your photos.  I hate when I am forced to stare at pictures that I have no emotional connection to and never will.  It bores me.  I don't care about your trip to Disney because there are 40 other people with the same exact pictures, me included.  Just show me what products you used and how you used them.  If you have a really cool picture and there is a fantastic story behind it then yes I would be very interested, but 1000 pictures of portraits of your kids, no.  And because I don't want someone to take this the wrong way, If I know you and I like you I probably am interested in your pictures and your life.

Also so what if people get on design teams to show off their work and get their egos stroked.  Many if not most are sharing their work because they like to share and inspire.  What is wrong with wanting a "great job" or "beautiful work" once in a while.  Wanting validation, praise, rewarding is human nature and giving this is kindness and generosity.  Looks like a win win to me.  Yes there are people that go a little overboard with their expectations and what they should be entitled to and credit they should be given.

So please, don't condescend or blame others for doing something you can't or are afraid you can't do.  Rock on you design team whores, without you there wouldn't be an industry and I  for one <3 you!

Here is the thread:  Two Peas in a Bucket Forum Thread - Where I went on a Rant


Tracy said...

Wow, nicely put Dena.
How did I miss this post on 2 peas, oh ya I worked all day today, so I can have time to work on my DT projects, lol.
Not all DT give you loads of free product for the record. I use most of my stuff as I have toooo much. I find DT a way to challenge myself, and to get more accomplished.
Off to check out the drama on 2peas. I swear I miss all the good drama

PEA said...

all I have to say is I am a design team whore and I love my job! Don't even have to lay on my back with a glue stick......and a blank book.. teee hee
<3 you woman! I really do!

now where do I find someone to "stroke" my ego? LOL I need to buy one of those...

Kari Webster said...

I just found you via You Tube and have to say that I relate to you in a lot of ways - first - I too need a 12 step program with my buying habits of scrappy goodies - I don't NEED anything - just see all the great things out there - and sometimes I have restraint - and sometimes I don't. Two - You are dead on with this point on trying for DT - I've tried getting on some - I haven't been picked for any of them yet - but that is ok - I figure my time is coming if its suppose to happen. Scrapbooking/card making is suppose to me fun, inspiring, a stress reliever, etc - and some people like to take the fun out of it. I like your view points - and think you are a funny lady! Would love it if you were one of my "stalkers" too. Hope to see you there! - Kari