Monday, March 5, 2012

11 Things About Me ... Tag

I was tagged by Tracy.  The purpose is to learn more about our blogging friends.

There are 5 Rules:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you’ve tagged them.

1.  I have OCD and ADHD and my son has ADHD as well.
2. I had Bell's Palsy in my 1st trimester when I was pregnant with my daughter and couldn't do anything about it so my face is permanently crooked.
3.  I have dyed my hair every single color you could possibly imagine, but for the most part have kept it blue black.  I haven't seen my real color since I was 18 I have no idea what it is.
4. I used to read constantly until I got pregnant and then would fall asleep every time I picked up a book.  I've read maybe 4 books in the last 7 years.  I keep trying but it's not working.
5. I love horror movies, have been watching them since I was little, and big epic period pieces.
6. I have not watched any TV shows in over a year and maybe only 4 or 5 movies in that time.
7. I have had every type of pet you could imagine including dogs, cats, parrots, chinchillas, hedgehog, mice, rats, hamsters, snakes, dumpy tree frogs, fish. (um not all that the same time)  I worked at a pet store and later helped run a shelter.  My life was dedicated to animals and then I decided to have kids.  I now have 2 dogs and a cat and that's it.  I will probably always have at least one pet in my life.
8.  I was a straight A student in school until I hit college and then I barely passed with a degree in Psychology.  I iz a coleege gratuate.
9.  Even though I want to see the world I am terrified to travel.
10.  I'm a Jersey Girl through and through and have NEVER pumped my own gas.
11. l am completely unromantic.  I hate romance novels and movies.  Any overly romantic gestures from suitors from my younger days creeped me out and I thought they were stalkers.  I much rather have my husband vacuum the house than send me flowers.  I buy my own damn flowers.

 Now for Tracy's questions to me:
1 What is your favourite craft to do?  I have to pick one?  I have ADHD remember!
2. Where were you born? New Jersey, almost in the car.  My mother's labor with me was 20 minutes.
3. What is your favourite crafting tool?  My distresser.  Currently my new Prima one.
4. What is your least favourite household chore? The laundry, specifically folding and putting it away.
5. Sweet or Sour treats?  Sweet but I do like both.
6. What is your favourite movie?  Halloween from 1978 and Dangerous Liaisons. Weird, I know.
7. What is your easiest meal to put together? Broccoli and Cavatelli
8. What is your best project you have ever if possible :) Probably the card I sent you.  I loved that thing.  Would you believe I never took a picture of it!?
9. What is your guilty pleasure?  I love to wear a lot of make up.  Smokey eyes almost everyday, just because.
10 When is your best time to create?  Probably late night into the wee hours.  I don't get to do it that often but that's usually when I am most creative and focused.
11. What is your favourite season. Early Fall.

My questions to you:
1.  Do you consider yourself a crafter or artist?
2.  What is your favorite paper line of all time?
3.  Are you a DIY kind of person around the house or do you hire people to do it for you?
4.  Do you live to eat or eat to live and what is your favorite food?
5.  What was your favorite family tradition growing up?
6.  Do you have any famous or infamous ancestors and if so who were they?
7.  What's your favorite technique to use on a project?
8.  What is your favorite color combination?
9.  Who taught you to drive a car?
10.  Have you ever been a volunteer, if so what did you do?
11.  What one little thing will always make you smile?

Okay so I am tagging

My girl McCine 


Tracy said...

Beautiful as always Dena :)
Love your random facts. I too want to travel the world but am scared.
I can't believe you have never pumped your own gas.....but you will buy your own damn flowers. Where I am the opposite.
I can see why the card you made me is one of your favourites, because it is AWESOME!
Steal the photo from my blog :)

I love your questions!!! I may answer them in another blog post. Not part of the tag, but they are really good :)
Thanks for playing along, I love to learn more about my friends :)

Ashley Rock said...

Love this!

McCine said...

ok OK OK... I'm going to do this now, dangit...anything for my dungeon girl! hehe mwahs!!

McCine said...

p.s. and now you owe me a stalk listing on yer blog list there, sister. lol

McCine said...

whatever you do, don't even think I'm leaving the link below to make it easier for you to skip yer lou over to my post--it's PROOF that I did do it, dammit. and the pic I posted is actually only 3 days old...was feeling emo, but let's keep a nice tidy lid on that gallon "things- we-don't-open-unless-the -lid-explodes-off-of-it" for now. ;-)
and thanks, D.. def needed something like this and yes i actually enjoyed it. ha! x's&o's&all that love yous too stuff, girl! <3 M.

just for my girl Dena