Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tracy this one's for you!!!

A picture says 1000 words so here it is

Those are the 12 new colors for 2012 and the new carry case. And see that little brown box with the "D" tape.  Yes Tracy, that box is the one I was supposed to send to you 4 months ago LOL.  It is going out tomorrow.  I kept adding more stuff to it so I hope you'll enjoy it.  Other than these Copic items and a couple of $1.50 bin item's from Michael's I haven't bought a single scrapbooking item in 2 MONTHS.  Gasp! I guess I just don't want to add to the moving if someone buys our house soon.  Then again I don't want to miss out on all the new stuff coming out just because I don't know how long I'm waiting.  Oh what's a girl to do!


Tracy said...

Yeah a post, you don't know how happy I am :)
Plus to see my name in big letters....pure happiness, teehee.

Ohhhhh, love the copic case.
I know hubby will want me to get it if we see it in the states when we go...still liking my bag, except it has no lid.
I will be picking up my new colours this Wednesday....can't wait :)

Ohhh happy mail..and for me?!? :)

PEA said...

Oh you are a lucky bugger Dena having the new colors and now Tracy does too. Blah to both of you! I still don't have all of them and going at a dead snails pace. LOL Like the bag too. I have to find something I can use to tote mine. The crate isn't working so well. OH bother! Great for glues but the markers are a wee bit longer. Hope to figure it soon. Hope the house sells soon. I want to see the new studio! LOL Have you found a new place yet?
Okay off for a scrapping marathon. I have ish to get done.