Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kat Scrappiness Guest Designer for August 2012

So if you know me getting things done at the last possible minute is pretty much routine. I'm working on it. It is still August so the title of this post still makes sense. I apologize to Kat for probably giving her a heart attack with my timing but I hope my project makes up for it.  So without further ado here is my guest design team project for Kat Scrappiness.

I decided to make something a little different. I wanted to do something very special with Kat's products because, well, she is a very special person and deserves great things. At the risk of sounding slightly new age, she has great Karma and I wanted to pass it along in my project.

She sent me a number of things for the design team package that I had an interest in, my favorites the felt rolled roses, pink felt butterflies, felt clouds, etc.  She also sent me some Action Wobbles. I knew exactly what I wanted to do almost immediately. My daughter is a master in the Pink Arts so I knew it had to be pink and frilly and blingy with a touch of whimsy just like her.  I started with a 16x20 canvas. I used a 12x12 Crafter's Workshop chicken wire mask and sprayed the canvas with Lindy's Stamp Gang starburst spray in Cotton Candy Pink.  I added some washi tape from the Sweetest Things collection from MME just because I have so much washi tape I thought I would add it in. I put a layer of Silver Shimmer Mod Podge over the washi tape which almost ruined it because it was much darker than anticipated. I fixed it my layering over Picket Fence Distress stain around the edges of the canvas to blend it all in. I then added some strategically placed bling.  Then the fun started.

I used a wood camera embellishment and embossed it with Zing silver glitter/metallic embossing powder and placed it in the bottom corner. I then started a large spray using Kat's felt rolled roses in ivory and gray, but she can make any color you want, and various I am roses. Tucked in the spray are two felt butterfly embellishments in light and dark pink. Because my daughter loves bunnies I had to add one to my canvas and Kat has one of my favorite bunny embellishments. My daughter's stuffed bunny, Bella, is a tan little bunny with long floppy ears and looks just like this. It originally came with a turquoise colored flower but I removed it and replaced it with a small gray rolled rose. I added a couple more butterflies and then added some bling from my stash to various felt flowers and butterflies.

I then added a large felt butterfly on the bottom opposite side above a bling swirl using an action wobble. I left the small heart shaped pieces inside the butterfly wings just because I liked the solid sparkly color impact that it made. I also added a bling swirl at the top of the flower spray and added another felt butterfly on an action wobble and a heat embossed cloud, embossed with iridescent white embossing power and a light pink butterfly adorned with some bling on another action wobble.  I added white and gray reversible felt clouds to the upper left corner on pop dots. I also added a second small wood cloud embossed with iridescent white embossing powder on an action wobble. Last but not least I added a kraft banner die cut among the clouds on pop dots. I white washed it with Tim Holtz picket fence distress stain and then sprayed it with Lindy's stamp gang starburst spray in Ghostly Gargoyle White. I then used a calligraphy pen and wrote the word Dream on it. I then used some metallic rub on medium in a sheer sparkle white to soften the black ink of the pen and then shadowed the banner with some silver metallic rub on medium. Added some more bling around the clouds and keep it out of the clutches of my daughter until it is ready to go on her wall.  The  center is being kept blank until my wonderful friend and photographer Stephanie is able to get around to all of the beautiful pictures she took of my children and they will eventually go in that empty space.

I thought that the softness of the felt embellishments would be perfect for a bedroom canvas and add just enough whimsy. The reason for the abundant use of action wobbles is because this canvas will hang directly across from her window and also people with have to walk by it when the go into her room. Every time the wind blows or someone passes by it the breeze or the vibration of the footsteps will cause the butterflies and clouds to flutter like they are real. Sooooo Cute!!!!  I hope you enjoyed my project and thank you Kat for giving me this opportunity to use your fantastic heartfelt embellishments and showcase some of my work.

Again check out her store at Kat Scrappiness.  There is lots to see there and her prices are fantastic!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Post, Moving, Organization, Some Rambling

So it is official. I will be moving the second week of June. Barely the second week. I am looking at the 5th right now. I have a whole bunch of people coming in for moving estimates. I spent the WHOLE day today researching moving companies. What an eye opening experience.

At first I said I was going to pack the dungeon last but I changed my mind.  I'm going to pack up all of my stuff that I won't be using until after moving. I'm leaving a little out for some cards and such but then I am going to stamp some images and stick to coloring for a little while, while I wait for moving day.  I haven't been hauling, okay a little, but I'm actually disappointed in myself for losing will power. Well now that we are going to be in about a $1M yes that's ONE MILLION in debt due to two mortgages (Thanks Bush AND Obamad, apparently you both suck) I won't be spending a dime on anything I can't eat or at least my kids can't eat.  I would get a job but realistically I've been out of the workforce for over 10 years. I don't even know what I would do at this point that would allow me to make enough money to put my children in daycare.  It's just cheaper to keep them at home and the park is free and we can WALK to it!!! Right now I can barely walk up and down my driveway to get the mail without fear of a wild animal attack or just plain exhaustion (okay I'm not that lazy and out of shape)

The good thing is that I get a whole new chance to reorganize and decorate.  How much fun is that. I plan on filming (like I'm Scorcese or something) a bunch of videos showing my disaster now, how I pack, the new space and how I would like to set up and my organization process along the way until it's completed. Do you think that might be too boring?  Well I can't haul and I have to set up before I can create so it's all I've got right now LOL.  I will be disabling the LIKE/DISLIKE voting on my channel and make the haters have to type out a chicken anonymous comment and make the extra effort just to be a jerk - them being the jerk not me, uh err....

So please, my wonderful friends, cross your fingers, send out good selling vibes, send good Karma, prayers, thoughts, sacrifice a goat (okay let's not do that) what ever you have to do to help me sell my house. The move is not stressful at all, I'm actually looking forward to packing. The money situation is VERY stressful and I'm sure most of you if not all can understand. And yes I will celebrate the selling of this house with one very large haul! LOL

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Drama and Design Team Whores

I know what you are thinking, what the hell kind of title is that.  I don't normally fall into the drama trap and pretty much stay out of it looking for the good in everything and understanding both perspectives.  However, recently there was a post on the Two Peas Forum that I just had to respond to.  It didn't insult me personally nor was I offended that she used the word whore.  What I was offended by was the fact that she thought that the men and women that try to get on design teams just to get free products were design team whores.  I mean really, if I thought I was any good, or on rare occasion get something accomplished, I would try out for design teams too. I guess it's because I'm part of the You Tube world as well as the blogging world and lots of people design for lots of design teams.  I watch these videos and read these blogs because I want to be inspired and enabled.  Isn't that the whole point of a design team.  Many readers of the Two Peas forums keep posting about how there are so many other crafters out there that aren't known because there is a world outside of  Two Peas.  Uh yeah, no duh.  There is also a whole world of crafters that exist outside of the scrapbooking world that use tons of scrapbooking supplies.  I like to do a little bit of everything.  One poster mentioned that the reason for the scrapbooking industry was to document your own personal memories.  Uhm, no, the scrapbooking industry is for creating a product and sell it.  That is the whole point of any industry.

If you are so against people trying out for design teams and selling out just to get free product by staging pictures and piling on product why don't you just sit there with your little blank book and a glue stick.  I will link the thread for those interested in reading it.  There are those that share their daily lives with us and some I care about.  Those are people that most likely care about mine.  Most "big name" scrapbookers or card makers or artists I don't really care what's in your pictures, I don't really care what is going on with your spouse or your kids.  This is a business and I care what you are offering, how to use products  and what you produce.  If you make boring pages of pictures and some journaling good for you but the reality is that no one gives a flying....pig? what or who is in your photos.  I hate when I am forced to stare at pictures that I have no emotional connection to and never will.  It bores me.  I don't care about your trip to Disney because there are 40 other people with the same exact pictures, me included.  Just show me what products you used and how you used them.  If you have a really cool picture and there is a fantastic story behind it then yes I would be very interested, but 1000 pictures of portraits of your kids, no.  And because I don't want someone to take this the wrong way, If I know you and I like you I probably am interested in your pictures and your life.

Also so what if people get on design teams to show off their work and get their egos stroked.  Many if not most are sharing their work because they like to share and inspire.  What is wrong with wanting a "great job" or "beautiful work" once in a while.  Wanting validation, praise, rewarding is human nature and giving this is kindness and generosity.  Looks like a win win to me.  Yes there are people that go a little overboard with their expectations and what they should be entitled to and credit they should be given.

So please, don't condescend or blame others for doing something you can't or are afraid you can't do.  Rock on you design team whores, without you there wouldn't be an industry and I  for one <3 you!

Here is the thread:  Two Peas in a Bucket Forum Thread - Where I went on a Rant

Monday, March 5, 2012

11 Things About Me ... Tag

I was tagged by Tracy.  The purpose is to learn more about our blogging friends.

There are 5 Rules:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you’ve tagged them.

1.  I have OCD and ADHD and my son has ADHD as well.
2. I had Bell's Palsy in my 1st trimester when I was pregnant with my daughter and couldn't do anything about it so my face is permanently crooked.
3.  I have dyed my hair every single color you could possibly imagine, but for the most part have kept it blue black.  I haven't seen my real color since I was 18 I have no idea what it is.
4. I used to read constantly until I got pregnant and then would fall asleep every time I picked up a book.  I've read maybe 4 books in the last 7 years.  I keep trying but it's not working.
5. I love horror movies, have been watching them since I was little, and big epic period pieces.
6. I have not watched any TV shows in over a year and maybe only 4 or 5 movies in that time.
7. I have had every type of pet you could imagine including dogs, cats, parrots, chinchillas, hedgehog, mice, rats, hamsters, snakes, dumpy tree frogs, fish. (um not all that the same time)  I worked at a pet store and later helped run a shelter.  My life was dedicated to animals and then I decided to have kids.  I now have 2 dogs and a cat and that's it.  I will probably always have at least one pet in my life.
8.  I was a straight A student in school until I hit college and then I barely passed with a degree in Psychology.  I iz a coleege gratuate.
9.  Even though I want to see the world I am terrified to travel.
10.  I'm a Jersey Girl through and through and have NEVER pumped my own gas.
11. l am completely unromantic.  I hate romance novels and movies.  Any overly romantic gestures from suitors from my younger days creeped me out and I thought they were stalkers.  I much rather have my husband vacuum the house than send me flowers.  I buy my own damn flowers.

 Now for Tracy's questions to me:
1 What is your favourite craft to do?  I have to pick one?  I have ADHD remember!
2. Where were you born? New Jersey, almost in the car.  My mother's labor with me was 20 minutes.
3. What is your favourite crafting tool?  My distresser.  Currently my new Prima one.
4. What is your least favourite household chore? The laundry, specifically folding and putting it away.
5. Sweet or Sour treats?  Sweet but I do like both.
6. What is your favourite movie?  Halloween from 1978 and Dangerous Liaisons. Weird, I know.
7. What is your easiest meal to put together? Broccoli and Cavatelli
8. What is your best project you have ever made...photo if possible :) Probably the card I sent you.  I loved that thing.  Would you believe I never took a picture of it!?
9. What is your guilty pleasure?  I love to wear a lot of make up.  Smokey eyes almost everyday, just because.
10 When is your best time to create?  Probably late night into the wee hours.  I don't get to do it that often but that's usually when I am most creative and focused.
11. What is your favourite season. Early Fall.

My questions to you:
1.  Do you consider yourself a crafter or artist?
2.  What is your favorite paper line of all time?
3.  Are you a DIY kind of person around the house or do you hire people to do it for you?
4.  Do you live to eat or eat to live and what is your favorite food?
5.  What was your favorite family tradition growing up?
6.  Do you have any famous or infamous ancestors and if so who were they?
7.  What's your favorite technique to use on a project?
8.  What is your favorite color combination?
9.  Who taught you to drive a car?
10.  Have you ever been a volunteer, if so what did you do?
11.  What one little thing will always make you smile?

Okay so I am tagging

My girl McCine 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tracy this one's for you!!!

A picture says 1000 words so here it is

Those are the 12 new colors for 2012 and the new carry case. And see that little brown box with the "D" tape.  Yes Tracy, that box is the one I was supposed to send to you 4 months ago LOL.  It is going out tomorrow.  I kept adding more stuff to it so I hope you'll enjoy it.  Other than these Copic items and a couple of $1.50 bin item's from Michael's I haven't bought a single scrapbooking item in 2 MONTHS.  Gasp! I guess I just don't want to add to the moving if someone buys our house soon.  Then again I don't want to miss out on all the new stuff coming out just because I don't know how long I'm waiting.  Oh what's a girl to do!